About Sandhills

We started with the purchase of two stud male Huacaya Alpacas in 2011 called Che and Seve.  The reason behind us buying them was because we had lost 25 free range hens to a fox.  Our herd now look after our chickens and can enjoy a truly great quality of life.  Our entire herd are sheared once a year and the fleeces are sorted by hand to ensure that only the best fine fibre (saddle) is used.  This is then hand washed, hand carded and hand spun.  Great time and care is taken to ensure as much debris is removed as possible from the fleece before hand knitting.  It is not always possible as the finer fleece the more it attracts the grass and debris and it doesn’t matter how much we keep the paddocks clean they still manage to roll in something they shouldn’t.  This is a true cottage industry and is a hands on process and we are proud to keep up the old traditions.

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Born, Bred and Produced in Tockwith, North Yorkshire