Meet the Herd



Town End Twiggy – 30.06.06

 Twiggy is sister to a supreme champion, mother of a supreme champion, and all of her cria have been show quality.  Twiggy has a very fine and dense fleece with lots of character, plus she is retaining her fineness at 24.4 microns.  She is currently pregnant to Town End Plato . Twiggy gave birth to Ruby on 12.6.15.

SANDHILLS RUBY – 12-6-2015

Ruby needed a little help being born as she was a little larger than Twiggy was used to.  We hope she follows in her dams footsteps and retains her fineness.  He Sire is Town End Plato who is a son of the champion Australian Ambersun Baltimore.



 Freya at 12yrs old and after seven babies she still carries a soft handling fleece and is fine for her years, which are traits she has passed down. Freya was mated to a champion white male this year and gave birth to a beautiful brown male called Iggy.


SANDHILLS IGGY – 17.6.2015

Iggy was born a little early but still weighed in at 6.98kg.  He is an absolutely delightful boy and his fleece we hope will be fine like his sire Ambersun Baltimore.


TOWN END ELVIS – 4-6-2013

Elvis is the son of a supreme champion Town End Asterix (who is the son of our very own Twiggy) and is a mirror image.  We hope he will eventually be a white stud.

His fleece stats in 2014 were 18.3 micron 3.9 Standard Deviation and 99.5% Comfort Factor.


TOWN END EMLYN – 15-8-14

Emlyn has a fine fleece with long staple and we hope he will eventually be our brown stud.  He has such presence in the filed, always alert and always has his ears forward.  A lovely little boy!

 SANDHILLS ARMANI – 25- 6 -2013

This is Armani he is Janiques second baby to Ambersun Baltimore. He is a very sweet and gentle character and loves to have a nuzzle.  He has grown into a lovely stud male and has just started his stud career this year.


TOWN END KAZIA – 26-10-2009

Kazia has had 4 cria now Nellie, Ciara, Rupert and Storm.  She is the perfect mother doing everything by the book right from mating to giving birth and nursing her cria.

Prince Rupert


This little man is absolutely full of himself he is the only cria we have had that is so friendly and cuddly. He is from Kazia and our own stud Che. Rupert’s mission in life is to pester Janique as much as he can we don’t think she minds at all.



Storm is a blue black male and kazias 4th cria. His sire is Inca Blackthorn and with a bit of luck he will be a future black stud male with fantastic genetics. Watch this space!



Nellie is Kazia’s first baby. She is full of character and can be quite cheeky and knows when to use her strength to outsmart us much like her dad Inca Blackthorn. Nellie has recently given birth to a lovely male cria (Sandhills Haribo).


Here is Haribo Nellies first cria and so much like Prince Rupert who was her Dam Kazia’s son from last year and has the same cheeky character.  Haribo’s sire is Che whose progeny not only have fine fleeces Haribo has great conformation like him too.


SANDHILLS CIARA – 25- 5-2013

This is Ciara (Kee-rah) which is Gaelic for black haired beauty. She is Kazia’s second baby to Inca Blackthorn. Ciara is definitely Paul’s little alpaca she is really affectionate towards him. Ciara was hand fed for 8 months and is now the first to the feed buckets for her share.  She has just been mated to Sandhills Armani and we are excited to see this cria.

TOWN END JANIQUE – 3rd September 2009

Janique is a lovely quiet alpaca and the easiest of all of them to handle. In the warmer weather Janique is always dipping her neck in the water bucket and will not let anyone else near! This years cria will definitely have a name that has something to do with water.  Her 3 cria are Lily Armani and Hans who are all sired by Australian champion Ambersun Baltimore.

SANDHILLS HANS – 24.6.2015

Hans is another Janique and Baltimore thriumph.  Hans is already developing a lovely confident character and if he is anything like Armani he will be a real gent.

SANDHILLS LILY – 4-6- 2012

Lily is Janiques first cria. Lily is an absolute treasure she is of exceptional quality and such a quiet and calm nature which is where her First cria’s name Serenity came from.  Lily gave birth to a lovely white boy ‘Spirit’ on 6th July 2015.

Her Fleece Stats from 2013 were:

Micron 19.3 Standard Deviation 3.2 and Comfort Factor 99.6%


Serenity is Lily’s first cria. She is a developing into a lovely character now that she is independent from her mum Lily. She is now the first to the feed bowls and is confident enough to tackle any of the adults for food. She is our second cria to be born to our stud Che and looking at her fleece stats he is going to produce some fine progeny.

Her first fleece results are looking very promising :-

Micron 17.9 Standard Deviation 3.8 Comfort Factor 99.7%


Spirit is a lovely white boy sired by Mayfield Che and his dam is Sandhills Lily.  He was a healthy 8.7kg and was charging around at 2hrs old.  We think he will be one to watch!