Born bred and produced in Tockwith, North Yorkshire.

Our entire herd are sheared once a year and the fleeces are sorted by hand to ensure that only the best fine fibre is used.

This is then washed by hand, carded, hand spun on a traditional Ashford wheel and then washed by hand again to remove as much dirt as we can. This is not always possible as the finer the fleece the more it attracts the grass and debris and it doesn’t matter how much we keep the paddocks clean they still manage to roll in something they shouldn’t.

The charactaristics of this handspun yarn is very crafty, slubby and soft which knits into fantastic individual items.

This is a true cottage industry and is a hands on process we are proud to keep up the old traditions.

The finished product…

Once our Alpaca fleece has gone through this traditional process we  are proud to stick our name on it and sell on to Alpaca product lovers in the form of Yarn and bespoke Hand Knits.


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Hand knits

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Washing Instructions

Hand wash carefully with a mild detergent. Rinse well and squeeze gently, be careful not to wring. Wrap in a towel then dry flat. Do not wash in hot water or place in a tumble dryer as this will shrink the yarn.