Sandhills Appaloosa and Harlequin Alpacas

The Beginning……….

Here at Sandhills Alpacas we made the decision to start doing something different about 3-4 years ago. We had no idea how long it would take us to find our Appaloosa and Harlequin stud males with the quality we were looking for. With that quality in mind we chose Popham Appaloosa Helios who has beautiful fine and dense fleece. He also has such a gentle nature very much like his sire Ambersun Camouflage of Popham and most importantly carrying the classic appaloosa spots from head to toe. Helios has now started his stud career and is a perfect gentleman with lots of girlfriends!

Gary and Felicia Sanders handing over Popham Appaloosa Helios.

First progeny of Popham Appaloosa Helios
Introducing Sandhills Leopard Appaloosa Hot Spot

Appaloosa Definition:

Appaloosa alpacas have at least 6 spots in the blanket area which should be at least two colours apart on the colour chart from the base colour.

Leopard Appaloosa Definition:

The spot/ colour requirements are the same as the appaloosa but much more plentiful and distributed from head to toe.

Next Steps………….

We then continued our search and came across a beautiful harlequin grey alpaca called Chalford Cappuccino. We are happy to say that we now own Chalford Harlequins Abstract, one of his Cappuccino’s sons, affectionately known as Jester. Jester has the most amazing markings, colour and fleece. Having both of these beautiful stud males will hopefully put us on the map as “those spotty breeders up North!”.

Chalford Harlequins Abstract ‘Jester’
Chalford Cappuccino – picture courtesy of Alpaca Power

The Harlequin Greys definition:

These are rarer greys with dark spots or speckles over the face and often over the whole body. The background to the spots is a light colour (but not white) and combines with the darker spots to give the phenotypical grey appearance. They are often obviously speckled/spotted as cria but this blends to grey between the age of 3 and 18 months. As pictures below..

Jester as a cria
Harlequin cria fleece